Remittance Payment

For Remittance Payment:

---Authorize Staff--- 
Name: Joanne Oliva D. Rahman
Address: 2E Patricia Bldg. 1050 Edsa Magallenes Village 
Makati City Philippines
Phone Number:
+63 915 771 7945 | +63 908 116 9604
IMPORTANT: E-mail us the following three days before date of delivery:(Required: Attach the scan copy of the receipt as proof of payment)



- During peak seasons (Valentine's/Mother's Day/Christmas) you must settle your payments and email to us before the cut off time for Offline Payments that will be posted in the website

-  We will not accept those who send via sms you must send it thru email and attach the receipt.

- Pay and send the correct total amount of your order (charges & taxes must not be included)

1. Reference/Tracking Number given by MoneyGram/Trans-Fast

2. Complete name of the person who pay in the Remittance center

3.Complete address of the person who pay in the Remittance center

4. Total Amount Sent